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1- When a body enters the earth's atmosphere, it travels _________.
very rapidlyin a rapid mannerfastlywith great speed

2- Put plants _________ a window so that they get enough light.
near tonear ofnext tonearly

3- The salary of a bus driver is much higher _________.
than a teacherto compare as a teacherthan that of a teacherin comparison with the salary of a teacher

4- Professional people expect _________ when it is necessary to cancel an appointment.
you to call themthat you would call themyour calling themthat you are calling them

5- Sedimentary rocks are formed below the surface of the earth _________ very high temperatures and pressure.
where there arethere arewhere are therethere are where

6- Farmers look forward to _________ every summer.
participating in the country fairparticipate in the country fairbe participating in the country fairhave participated in the country fair

7- A computer is usually chosen because of its simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance _________ its capacity to store information.
the same asthe sameas well asas well

8- In a new culture many embarrassing situations occur _________ a misunderstanding.
forofbecause ofbecause

9- Neptune is an extremely cold planet, and _________ .
so does Uranusso has Uranusso is UranusUranus so

10- _________ that gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill and that the California Gold Rush began.
Because in 1848That in 1848In 1848 it wasIt was in 1848

11- The crime rate has continued to rise in American cities despite of the efforts on the part of both government and private citizens to curb _________ .

12- Frost occurs in valleys and on low grounds _________ on adjacent hills.
more frequently asas frequently thanmore frequently thanfrequently than